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The process of making a personal injury claim

Most of the stress of personal injury claims comes from not knowing what is happening at any given time.

Understanding how the personal injury claim process works will help you stay in control throughout your claim, from the initial accident to eventually receiving your compensation.


This guide outlines general topics you should be thinking about if you want to make a personal injury claim in Northern Ireland. But it is not legal advice. If you need legal advice, you should contact a specialist personal solicitor for advice on your specific circumstances.

The personal injury claim process: what will I get out of it?

The personal injury claim process has a clear goal. That goal is to return you, as near as possible, to the position you would be in if the accident had never happened. Most of the time, it does this by awarding you compensation.

The Personal Injury Claim Process
There are 5 big benefits to the personal injury process (and not all of them are to do with compensation):

• you’ll get a detailed diagnosis of your injury from medical experts
• you’ll get the best advice on what long-term effects (if any) you may suffer
• you’ll get all the professional treatment you need to make the best recovery possible
• you’ll be compensated for the loss and distress you suffered due to the accident
• you can look to the future with some financial and medical certainty

Personal injury claims are not just about compensation.

Getting clarity about your injuries, and how you can expect them to heal, can be just as important as getting a cheque.

But let’s not pretend. Compensation is always going to play a big role in helping you get back on your feet.

And that’s what we’re going to look at next.

The above article is part of our guide on how to make a personal injury claim in Northern Ireland.

If you are thinking about making a personal injury claim, you should get in touch with a Northern Ireland personal injury solicitor who will help you assess the strength of your case.

If you have any questions, you are very welcome to get in touch.

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Every effort is made to keep this guide up to date. Although it is not to be regarded as legal advice, we strive to make sure the information is helpful, accurate and practical. If you are a Northern Ireland personal injury solicitor and have spotted an inaccuracy, you can submit a suggested change.
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