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How to choose the best legal representation for your personal injury claim

There are various different options when it comes to engaging legal representation to help you make your personal injury claim.

You can find a summary of the various choices that are open to you below.


This guide outlines general topics you should be thinking about if you want to make a personal injury claim in Northern Ireland. But it is not legal advice. If you need legal advice, you should contact a specialist personal solicitor for advice on your specific circumstances.

How to choose the best legal representation for your personal injury claim

The best person to represent you in your personal injury claim is someone you trust, someone you can communicate with and someone who will fight for your best interests. There are different types of accident claim solicitors you can choose from: claims management companies, local solicitors and specialist personal injury solicitors. You should pick the one that feels best for you.

Best Personal Injury Solicitor For Your Claim
If you decide to hire a personal injury solicitor, you’ll have plenty to choose from.
It’s hard to go through a full day without coming across ads for them on the radio or on television.

Solicitors want your business. That puts you in control. You can afford to be choosy about who you hire for your case.

People are sometimes reluctant to contact solicitors about their personal injury claim. They fear that a solicitor can charge them just for chatting on the phone.

A solicitor should not charge you anything until you have instructed them to take on your case. So don’t be afraid to contact a few of them – and choose the one you like best.

You’ll come across three different types of personal injury solicitors. Each have advantages and disadvantages, so it’s a good idea to know what they are:

1. Claim management companies

You know the persistent phone calls you get about accidents? They’re usually claims management companies. They run most of the aggressive advertising you see too. Most will tell you whatever you need to hear to get you signed up.

Then they refer your case to a solicitor (in return for a fee).

Here’s a big problem with claims management companies: if the solicitor they use is not based in Northern Ireland, they might not be able to take your claim all the way to court. This could mean that they settle your case early, which means you may get less compensation than you deserve. If you want the best representation in Northern Ireland, you should use a solicitor who has an office here.

A good rule to remember is this: if someone, who you have never heard of, rings you out of the blue about your claim, and makes big promises, proceed with caution!
Ring Insurance Company Personal Injury Claim
2. Your local solicitor

Most local solicitors in Northern Ireland do personal injury claims.

The benefit of using a local solicitor is that you can just drop in to see them. You’re likely to get a personal service with a local firm, often with just one solicitor looking after your claim.

There is only one big concern with using your local solicitor though. If they do a little bit of everything (criminal work, property, divorce, etc.), as well as accident compensation claims, they might not have a deep, specialist knowledge of personal injury litigation.
Local Personal Injury Solicitor
3. Specialist Personal Injury Solicitors

These are larger firms, usually based in cities like Belfast, Derry/Londonderry and Newry.

They tend to focus exclusively on personal injury claims, so they have expert knowledge.

The downside is that large firms may struggle to provide you with a personal service. A solicitor or paralegal could be handling hundreds of claims at once – that doesn’t leave much time for yours!

There have been complaints that some of these firms feel less like solicitors and more like call centres – and each time you ring about your case, you may find yourself speaking to a different person.
Specialist Personal Injury Solicitors Northern Ireland
When deciding what personal injury solicitor is best for you, here are three things you should be thinking about:

• Is this someone I can trust?

Ok, it’s not easy to make a judgement on trust after one short conversation or meeting. But it’s something you should be thinking about from the start. If you don’t trust your solicitor, you may run into big problems with your claim.

• Can I get along with this person?

A successful personal injury claim is a team effort. You will communicate regularly with the solicitor as your claim progresses. So you should hire someone that you can see yourself having a professional relationship with.

• Can I imagine this person really fighting for my case?

You want a solicitor who is tenacious, takes an interest in your claim and is enthusiastic about getting the best outcome for you.

Does the solicitor you’re talking to tick these boxes? If so, they should be able to do a great job with your claim.

Or maybe you’re still making up your mind about who is the best personal injury solicitor for you?

Then ask them some of the questions from the next section. How they answer should help you make your pick!
The above article is part of our guide on how to make a personal injury claim in Northern Ireland.

If you are thinking about making a personal injury claim, you should get in touch with a Northern Ireland personal injury solicitor who will help you assess the strength of your case.

If you have any questions, you are very welcome to get in touch.

All the best,

The Team @ Lightlaw
Every effort is made to keep this guide up to date. Although it is not to be regarded as legal advice, we strive to make sure the information is helpful, accurate and practical. If you are a Northern Ireland personal injury solicitor and have spotted an inaccuracy, you can submit a suggested change.
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